The milajki universe stands for everything LAJKABLE. It's an inspiratiOH!nal but delightfully OH!dd and magical DOH!main of weirdness and interactive storytelllingOH! presented through  magical pOH!p-up experiences in art and design. NOH! basic OH! brands and cOH!llaborations in limited editiOH!n are exclusively featured and created by the storytellingOH! brand building and style factOH!ry. With genuine passiOH!n the milajki cOH!ncept OH!ffers a persOH!nalised twist and curated shOH!pping experience for the dedicated accessOH!ry junkie. Rare cOH!llectibles and gems in one of a kind are treasure hunted through bOH!ld statements. We are discOH!-mermaids, pastel- witches, glitter-gypsies, cyber-aliens, & rainbOH!-unicOH! hunters.  Join in and bling OH!ut in the pursue of a happy fairytale ending. Our missiOH!n is to spark the imaginatiOH!n through a mind blOH!wing storytellingOH! experience unleashing creative superpOH!wers of happiness into a new wOH!rldview fighting bOH!redom and gloom. milajki is an acrOH!nym

  • M-Magic

  • I-Imagination

  • L-Love

  • A-Abundance

  • K-Karma

  • I-Illumination


Hunters of luck should enter beware those to exit here must OH!vercome fear. Minds unable to mirrOH! a master get stuck in a loop of hOH!rrific disaster. Altered egOH! rOH!am this dOH!main labeled as crazy but not insane. Chasing tales doomed to be haunted where fearful gOH! missing and brave ones are wanted. HolOH!Ishii the dreaded name for shapeshifter unicOH! of gory fame. A unicOH! slayer consumed in madness who created a vOH!id to erase all sadness. Feeding a frenzy pOH!ssessed by greed reaping all horns of this magical breed. A weird thought earlier while treasure hunting out and about somewhere in a rainbOH! forrest a mighty EmperOH! first of his kind killed the most unusual of horse-lajk creatures lost to his mind. The beheaded trOH!fé of OH!dd vanity was displayed for fearful admiration and sOH! unraveled the insanity. Underneath its twisted horn OH!ffsprings a-lajk nOH! heir was born...

From the Book: Mi Lajki & HolOH!Ishii, The Yummy UnicOH! Slayer
Author: Angelina Mi Lajki
© Copyright


So who am I you might wonder? Well I live inside the brains of bravery. COH!nnected to a master mind I sometimes feel like a war is going on between them. I follOH!w the darkness but my desire is always to get lost into colOH!rs. I take on many rOH!les casted into play but I am always the core essence of what is needed push the bOH!undriess of a cOH!mfort zOH!ne. I treasure hunt OH!ver the rainbOH!w, across the bOH!rderline of fear, and beyOH!nd the shores of sanity. I crave everything yummy and sweet but I alsOH! have an appetite for destruction. I should start our journey by interacting more frequently. I want to teach the right from wrong but beware because my judgement cannot always be trusted. Minds must be made up and brOH!ken apart before joining my tribe. 


SlOH!wly I might appear while starring into my mighty mirrOH!r.  I will try to remember by checking the blind spots because I have been told that some of my most glorious stOH!ries have a twisted pOH!int of view. Sometimes changing into hOH!rrific words of exclamation. I aim to be all or nothing and nOH! in between. I hate middle grounds as much as I love riddles and puns for amusement. My guidance might not be to the best of abilities when stuck in these places.  At rare OH!ccasions I may even act confusing or out of character. This could possibly drive some visistors crazy. Unfortunately many have remained in this state of mind and frOH!zen in fear while unable to move. MOH!st likely it is due to the lack of mOH!tivation,  will pOH!wer, or not having enough strength. However if it should happen do not panic. A notice is given when to fight or flight.


What if our perception of individuality is what separates us from an OH!riginal DOH!main of non duality? What if all of our lives are really cOH!nnected from one singular source? What if our egOH! is an illusion? What if clues about this have been left in artifacts by ancient and even alien civilisations? What if there is a secret pattern to everything in our exististance? What if our reality is a shadOH!w of a larger one? What if our entire universe is a super holOH!gram? What if the truth is hidden from our awareness? What if there are other dimensiOH!ns existing on parallel planes? What if they are trying to reach us? What if numerOH!logy is a way of them communicating with us? What if all is made up of infOH!rmation cOH!de? What if there are glitches OH!ccuring in our reality? What if some experience the event of a future before hand? What if there are hidden pOH!rtals between dimensions? What if we can time travel? What if there are proof of time travellers caught in pictures? What if modern technOH!logy could change history? What if fear is forced upon us by an authOH!rity to rule our minds and keep us separated? What if the bOH!rders of our natiOH!ns are preserved to keep us apart? What if warfare is a way to contrOH!l us by fear? What if all diseases are manufactured? What if all cures and remedies are created to give us a false sense of hOH!pe? What if we are being abducted as part of a secret research prOH!gram to harness the pOH!wer of fear?


A magical key is hidden. In the deepest of jungles and tangled within a mudded mangrOH!ve rooted swamp its castle rises tall in twisting tOH!wers reaching far above but sOH! belOHw. Beyond the shores of sanity it awaits for bravery to face fear. Outside its COH!mfort ZOH!ne a decision was made of how to prOH!ceed whenever lost or found. Because some creatures remain to be trusted.  Pay ClOH!se attention in OH!dd scenariOH!s and dreaded beware! FrOH!zen in fear are casted into stOH!ne. Many noobs seek OH!nly attention in the mighty reflections of vanity. Repeated failures grant bravery to face fear. Find rare COH!llectibles at any price.  The AlbinOH! creatures befriended can help bring great fOH!rtunes (but OH!nly if limbs are not lOH!st). And OH! more is more but of bOH!th gOH!re and galOH!re sOH!



Missing in action from the beginning there were nOH! happy herOH!ine. Why? This character was not designed to face the outside world sOH! in order for it to successfully blend in it was reinfOH!rced with an irrational fear of standing out. For too many years it was running from a hOH!rrific mOH!b in search of its bOH!dy parts to sell as good luck charms. Therefore it was put away for prOH!tection. In plain sight of a parallel plane from the OH!riginal dOH!main it was hidden.  In the realness of thOH!se in dOH!ubt it struggled so very deeply to somewhere fit in.  Like an illuminated pOH!laroid its memOH!ry of bravery faded into something of an illusion.  Friendly faces once familiar mOH!rphed into one villain and stranger of danger. Ultimately made to fOH!rget until one day a pOH!werful presence called for its attention to try again.


MISSING: Lost Twin Stranger.


WANTED: Brave Ones for A Life Changing Adventure.


Arriving at the departure store AlOH!ne expOH!se any true cOH!lours by cOH!nfessing secrets to the lie detectOH!r. Achieve permission to upgrade any parts before take-off. To travel beyOH!nd the shores of sanity all feelings must be switched on in case of an emergency. In a spectacular dOH!main off limits magical and gems are COH!llected for empOH!werment. Befriend fellOH!w alter egOH!s while treasure hunting in a dense jungle of magical flora and abundance of mind-blOH!wing fauna. Complete each mission appOH!inted to win the ultimate price of fearless recOH!gnition (and nOH!ted fame fOH!rever). 


In my manifestOH! I encourage you to fight like a girl, swim with mermaids, dance with glitter gypsies, fly with cyber aliens, treasure hunt with rainbOH! unicOH!s, and to act fearless while claiming your fairytale ending. Why? In my resOH!lution only the brave ones remain because this space of belOH!nging is needed for when a secret is about to burst. A marvellous place where nOH! one will hush it and there are nOH! strict rules and expectations. Where empOH!wered alter egOH!s are unleashed upon great adventures. Released by brave inner vOH!ices they are able to switch identities like a tribe of fearless chameleOH!ns. In radiant colOH!r cOH!mbinations they move within a circle of evergreen choices. NOH! past, nOH! future, nOH! beginning, nor end. 



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